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GuardYourEyes offers free and anonymous resources to help you on your journey to freedom. Our solutions are based on cutting-edge science and our 10 years of experience helping thousands break-free. Once you sign up you'll get access to the tools suitable for you.

The 90 Day Program

Through our 90 day program we will help you set goals and make a plan so you can succeed in reaching long-term freedom. We will give you clear guidance and help you keep track of your progress.

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Personalized Programs

There are no "one-size-fits-all" solutions. Once you sign up, you'll get personalized strategies that have the highest chance of working for you based on the information you fill out during registration.

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Forum and Chatroom

Our vibrant forum (with over 250,000 posts!) and chat features allow you to learn from other member's successes, and interact anonymously with fellow members and volunteers to get support, encouragement and advice.

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Phone Conferences

With GYE you can participate in the world’s leading Addiction Recovery support groups (12-Step and SMART Recovery) anonymously through phone conferences. We also have phone conferences for spouses of strugglers.

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Confidential consultations with our expert staff

Once you sign up you'll be able to consult with our in-house experts by phone, chat or email. We have dedicated staff and volunteers for males, females and spouses.

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Partner & Mentor Program

As a registered member you can find a partner or mentor who you can be in touch with directly by email, phone, chat or WhatsApp. The platform makes it easy to find someone who is the most likely to be a good match, and will only exchange info after both parties agree.

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