Resources for Wives of Strugglers

If you're married to someone who struggles with pornography, you have come to the right place. 

Besides for being able to help your husband, we also offer support for spouses to help them deal with what they are going through. We have a special forum, phone-conference groups, and other helpful resources. We have helped thousands of frum Jews break free from the struggle/addiction to pornography and related behaviors, and we have also helped many spouses and saved marriages.

The first thing we suggest is that you send your husband to us to get help! Have him watch the video on our homepage to learn about the tools we offer and he should sign-up to our website. All of our services are free of charge and we zealously protect the anonymity of our members.  

Resources for you:

1) Join our free and anonymous phone-conference for spouses (twice a week). See more information here, or email for details: 

2) Join the Spouses Whatsapp Support group. Send your request to join to Malka:

3) Join the special forum for spouses. On this forum, you can post questions and get support from other women that are in similar situations. To gain access to the forum sign up to our website here. (After registration you will need to leave a message at 646-600-8100 Ext.6 with your username so we can approve your account.)

4) Find a therapist. We highly recommend searching for a good professional therapist who can help you and your husband overcome your challenges and find the well-being that you deserve. Finding the right therapist for your personal needs is not a simple task. That's why we recommend that you use the Relief organization who specialize in therapist referrals for the Jewish community. They will try to match the right professional for you. When contacting them you can remain anonymous and anything you tell them will remain strictly confidential. Expect to wait 24-48 hours before getting a response from Relief. If you need urgent help, specify that in your correspondence with them and they will prioritize your inquiry.; Email: info@reliefhelp.orgContact formPhone Directory

5) Suggested reading/listening for you:

6) S-Anon 12-Step Groups: Just as there are Porn Anonymous and Sexaholics Anonymous groups for those who struggle with addiction, there are also S-Anon support groups for the spouses. In these groups, they work through a 12-Step program that is geared specifically towards helping spouses. You can explore this option by visiting their website: S-Anon on-line.