Sunday, 09 October 2016

What to Do?

by Feldman, Rabbi Aharon (See all authors)

Dear Friend:

There is a very special campaign going on for an important cause in which I am personally involved. I would like to ask you to please take a share in it.

The campaign is to help fight an international scourge which is attacking the Jewish People. Fueled mainly by the accessibility and the anonymity of the Internet, this scourge threatens to tear apart the fabric of Jewish life and undermine one of its major foundations, that of moral restraint (קדושה).

It involves the fact that countless individuals have fallen into viewing pornography and other related behaviors and many developed addictions for these. Thousands of lives and marriages have already been ruined because of these relentless temptations. No class of Jews has been spared: from teenagers to adults, from office workers to kollel members, and from single to married men.

The organization Guard Your Eyes, with which I have been personally involved for many years, has undertaken to deal with this unique challenge of our generation, and has been extremely effective. As Rosh Yeshiva, people come to me all the time with these issues, and I usually send them to Guard Your Eyes and have watched with great satisfaction how they were able to turn their lives around.

Guard Your Eyes is the only weapon we have today at our disposal in dealing with this widespread problem. Their work is critical for the protection of the sanctity of the Jewish People. They provide counseling, mentoring and innovative withdrawal programs for those afflicted by this malady.

All their work is done on a meager budget and with a great deal of self-sacrifice. Their services are all free-of-charge so that they don't risk turning away anyone who needs help.

Please open your hearts and give generously to help them continue their holy work. It is a great mitzvah and zechus to support them.

May HKBH grant us all a כתיבה וחתימה טובה, and may we be zoche to become the nation regarding whom it is written, והתקדשתם והייתם קדושים.


Rabbi Aharon Feldman

P.S. Guardyoureyes is offering a number of appreciative gifts to donors.