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Three New Groups English, Yiddish And Spanish

the.guard Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Looking to start a face-to-face GYE 12-Step group in Lakewood

This special group would follow certain guidelines:

  • It will be following the 12 steps as outlined by Rabbi Shais Taub in his book; "The God of Our Understanding"
  • Our specific goal in this group is to be become close to Hashem and better JEWS in all aspects of our life. This is a JEWISH group and adherence to Torah and Mitzvos is certainly part of our goal.
  • Detailed discussed of acting out behavior is not allowed in public. (It may be necessary and have value in some contexts but its not for this public forum).
  • It is not for people whose level of addiction has progressed to live acting out.

Contact to join.

A new YIDDISH SPEAKING face-to-face group is beginning in Monsey, led by a Heimishe professional. For more info, see here or call 845-694-4588.

The GYE Spanish network is looking to actualize a 12-Step Skype conference but they don't have enough experience and members. If you speak Spanish and have been through the 12-Step program, please contact