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The Second GYE Kumzitz: A Smashing Success!

The Connecting of 7 Beautiful Neshamos

GYE Corp. Wednesday, 01 February 2012

To download an MP3 file of the singing at the first GYE Kumzitz (on Chanukah), click on this link and press "Download".

To find out when the next Kumzitz will be in Israel, be in touch with "Imtrying" at

"Imtrying", who hosted the Kumzitz last night (which was a goodbye party to "Uri" who is leaving to America), wrote:

So the second GYE kumzitz has come to an end. Thank you to all those that attended. Eye.nonymous, Momo, Uri, Loi-misyaoish, sturggle, and the chashuveh R' Battleworn. Seven guys altogether. We really appreciated Battleworn coming. We learned so much from him and we hope this is only the beginning of many good things to come. It was really beautiful. It was hard to say goodbye to Uri, but that's the way of life. All good things come to an end. We will miss you Uri.

We would also like to take this opportunity to thank our esteemed moderator "Kedusha" for calling in and sharing some very special thoughts with us. Thank you.


"Momo" wrote:

My take about last night : Absolutely beautiful!

Thank you Imtrying for hosting again a very special evening.

I found it was even better than the first one. It was less awkward since most of us had already met each other.

Nice to see everyone, and to meet "Loi Tisyaaish" for the first time.

It was also very special for "Kedusha" to call in (thanks!)

I think the highlight was having Battleworn come. He added a sense of kedusha and leadership to the gathering. His divrei Torah were out of this world!

Guys, if you are in Israel and didn't come, you missed out big time. It was such a special evening; I can't stop thinking about it. The Torah, the singing (can't wait to hear the MP3!), the shmoozing. This wasn't about a bunch of lust addicts getting together, this was the connecting of seven beautiful neshamot with one common goal; giving each other chizuk just from the fact that we are going through this together and keep on trucking! Of course the fact that this gives us the opportunity to turn virtual relationships into real relationships is priceless.

I feel so lucky to have the z'chus to be invited and have attended this, and I hope we do it again soon. I already suggested that at the latest, we do it again when Eye reaches 90 days (a month from now), if not sooner.

Again, to the super 7, thank you all for an absolutely beautiful and spiritual evening.


"Battleworn" wrote:

My dear brothers and sisters!

Last night I had the tremendous privilege of meeting six of the Gedolei Hador. Not the conventional kind of Gedolim, but rather the ones who are considered the Gedolim by the "Olam Ha'emes" view. It gave me such a tremendous chizuk and infused me with so much hope.

I think these meetings are a tremendous step forward for us and all of klal Yisrael. I hope they only get better and bigger. Imtrying and everyone, Thank you SO SO MUCH for doing this!!!

I hope to post soon a powerful thought on a posuk in Shir Hashirim, on the new board.


For the reason why we created a special board for R' Battleworn, please see this post.