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The Flight to Freedom program

chaimmod Friday, 10 December 2021
The Flight to Freedom program

We're thrilled to announce that the Flight to Freedom program is now publicly available to all male GYE members.

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(To join, you'll first need to login to your GuardYourEyes account)

The Flight to Freedom is an incredible program to help you reach freedom from P&M based on the most cutting-edge Torah-aligned research on addiction and behavior change.

For the past few years, GYE's research and development team have sifted through mountains of brain science research relating to addiction and behavior change, as well as all recovery programs, dozens of books on the topic - and lehavdil - all the seforim on this topic.

This revolutionary multi-layered program contains a rich collection of evidence-based Torah-aligned tools to help you reach long-term recovery.

We hope you enjoy the program and look forward to getting your feedback so that we can keep improving it.

If you have any questions about the program, we encourage you to post them on the Flight to Freedom section of the forum, and one of the GYE staff will reply promptly.