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The Broken Bochurim

A recent email we got from a Bochur who reached 90 days clean.

the.guard Sunday, 06 December 2020
The Broken Bochurim

Hey, First I want to thank you and the entire organization, it’s life changing. I have no words.

Honestly, speaking to a real guy on the phone who has a similar background as me, is married, has struggles and has gotten better, has been an absolute game changer. I can’t stress it enough.

The forum is massive, it’s a tremendous chizzuk. It creates a chevra of bnei Aliya seeking to be matzliach in these inyanim.

I do believe strongly that GYE is missing tens of thousands of Yeshiva bochurim just like me who would be transformed if they knew about this and were directed to this organization by their rebbeim.

As an example, I have a friend of mine in Yeshiva with me who was struggling. He had never heard of GYE. And he doesn’t live in the middle of nowhere. I’m talking about guys in Passaic, Monsey, Baltimore etc etc.

GYE can’t just be another ad on Mishpacha magazine.

Also, i think it must be clear that GYE isn’t just for people who are “addicted” etc, but is for any Jew struggling in Inyanei kedusha.

Someone needs to speak to the Rabbeim and Roshei HaYeshivas in the Yeshivishe Yeshivas and communicate the fact that THEIR TALMIDIM ARE DYING from pornography etc when they go home, and the guilt eats them alive.

Yeshivas focus on making sure there’s no devices in Yeshiva, which I obviously support 100%. But there must also be some chinuch in what to do at home etc.

I don’t have an eitza.

But it kills me when I see a Bais Medrash of hundreds of guys of whom I know many are struggling, and yet there’s this deafening silence...

I have a friend from a modern community. In 3rd grade he started porn. He got the courage at that age to smash his laptop. And his parents decided to buy another one for him. He was broken, suffering in silence. A little boy! With no chance.

I don’t know what these parents are thinking!

In modern Orthodox communities they give 4th graders unfiltered iPhones and even younger, I have a 6 year old cousin with an iPad also!

There must be seminars for parents. Both in the Modern and Yeshivish communities, about what’s going on.

(Do you understand I had to convince my parents for MONTHS that i had a taiva?! My old chavrusa was destroyed because he didn’t have the courage to tell his parents and his parents were 100% clueless! Imagine, now this guy left Yeshiva and is a complete wreck. No college etc nothing. He’s a shattered person.)

They should present video and recordings of children (changing the voice etc) discussing their struggles.

Roshei Yeshiva, mechanchim etc. must rise up!

We can’t lose these children.

All the GYE ads and videos etc are nice and great but we need a revolution!

How many more lives need be lost? How many more dreams shattered? How many more Yidishe neshamos need be burned and tarnished?

Anyway, sorry for this whole rant ;) I just care a lot about Klal Yisrael.

All the best,