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PR & Testimonials: 1st Quarter 2022

the.guard Tuesday, 29 March 2022

Below are some comments and screenshots we received recently by email, whatsapp and on the forum:

"Having finished a few lessons of Flight-to-Freedom, I just wanted to express my hakarot hatov & absolute awe as to the quality & depth of material provided. I think it should be more available to the frum Kehilla as I doubt many would be fully aware of its genius. I really am speechless." (plshashem)

Testim 1

"The course as a whole is awesome, really no words, It's so impressively setup, easy to understand and follow, boosts and pushes all my positive desires of being an erliche Yid, well done!" (nochamol)

Testim 3

"I like how gentle and positive the program is. It avoids all the fire and brimstone while still offering Jewish sources for many of the concepts and strategies. I have been growing and improving at a very pleasant pace." (Chico)

Testim 6

"It's a very good exercise not just for quiting p&m but for all behavior changes in life. Just awesome!" (Shlomojurvey)

"Just wanna say how impressed I am with this course and that so much effort has gone into it, I can’t believe it’s free." (Strugglr1)

Testim 7

"Thanks for your help. Love the course. My life at home is changing for the better." (wit1)

Testim therapist

"Keep up with the great work! you have a big zechus, today is my day #30 clean." (Ybird)

Testim war

"Love the site. beautiful graphic design and easy to use!" (tyhshmiras)

Testim Whatsapp

"This is the craziest (in a great way) thing I have ever read. Wow I'm in a daze. I am so emotional from the feelings that I have. There finally seems to be some light at the end of the tunnel." (Blue Spirit)

Testim Whatsapp2

"I started the Flight to Freedom program from GYE. This is the first time ever that I feel confident about changing. I used to rely on filters but never got very far, there was always a way around them in a weak moment. But when you understand the why's and how's of our desires, it's possible to make real change.” (ontheway)