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SHOVAVIM Chabura with Dov

obormottel Friday, 21 December 2018
SHOVAVIM Chabura with Dov

Join the Worldwide YEshiva Shovavim Initiative at - "YES we can!"

A unique and fun opportunity for the 8 weeks of Shovavim!

Get Together with Dov for a once-weekly 45-minute chaburah beginning Monday, December 24th (through Monday, February 11th) from 12:15 - 1pm EST.

Dial-in number (515) 739-1294

Access code 382530

Topic: "Derech Emes"

A classic chassidic work written by the author of "Yosher Divrei Emes" (a talmid of the Magid of Mezritch), this sefer focuses on freedom from lust desires.

We suggest purchasing the new edition of this sefer that came out 2 years ago (with good footnotes). If you don't get a chance to buy it, the part we will be using for the shiur can be downloaded as a PDF here (for the full sefer click here).

Dov has been sober in SA recovery for over 20 years and will be sharing his understanding and appreciation of the 8 short chapters of this powerful sefer through the lens of his own experience in recovery.

Note: Unlike the 'Dov's Desperados' call (which is never recorded), this series will be recorded.

The actual text of the sefer will be read and translated during the shiurim. The first shiur will also include an overview of Shovavim based on the ShaLo"H... So bring seat-belts.

Dov sums up the idea behind this series:

"All the truth is in the Torah - and the tzadikim knew where to find it. But we addicts just couldn't get it from a sefer. We need an approach similar to 'Torah Shebal Peh' - a group of other recovering people who are actually putting these ideas into action in their own lives. As chaza"l say: "gedola shimusha yoser milimuda". Later, we often discover those same truths again in seforim which were waiting for us all along. This sefer is a perfect example of this and turns some common conceptions in avodas Hashem on their heads. It's not just another philosophical sefer that speaks only to the mind; Derech Emess shows us how to surrender desire in a realistic way and speaks to the heart. It bravely and squarely addresses inner motives, strengths and weaknesses in a positive way. "

To listen to recordings of previous shiurim (MP3), click here.

To hear the recordings of previous shiurim by phone, dial:

  • U.S: 515-739-1388
  • Israel: 055-966-1154
  • UK: 330 390 2123

Access code: 382530#

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