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Rabbi Shafier of wants your feedback!

the.guard Sunday, 14 April 2013

Here is what Rabbi Shafier wrote to us:

I produced a new series about "Working on Desire" which I haven't released yet. I am looking for feedback on it. If you could share it with the GYE community and get some feedback, I would appreciate it (but please ask them not to share it with others without asking me first).

It is a 12 part series on combating desire today, for MEN only. It is called:

THE FIGHT: A Frank Discussion, Strategy and Plan for Conquering Desire

Any ideas, comments or observations would be greatly appreciated.

Here is a link to the MP3s. You can download them to either your computer or, MP3 player or phone...

Thank you,

R' Shafier

PS - In terms of feedback, for my purposes the most helpful would be "stream of consciousness"-- just as it hits you. Meaning, does this point resonate. Does it make sense? Do I hear what he's saying? Is he out of his mind?, or too frum? or not frum enough, or too whatever... so that I can't relate to what he's saying.... Also, please note session #3 is probably only for married men.