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Now's YOUR chance to bring Hashem down to the world!

Please Help GuardYourEyes continue helping Yidden do Teshuva.

GYE Corp. Saturday, 25 February 2012

Someone recently sent out the following e-mail to his contacts:

Dear all,

This is a topic of a truly sensitive nature which is rarely talked about - strictly men only. Open the attachment to this e-mail and you'll see why.

I don't normally forward chain e-mails, but after receiving this one and reading the attachment, I felt it right that this time I do.

Please read, donate and most importantly... pass it on. Because of anonymity, it is run single handedly - nobody knows of his cause.

Wishing you a ketivah v'chatima tovah.

- Please see the attachment "Guard Your Eyes Appeal"

After sending out the e-mail to his contacts, he wrote to us:

"I sent out this e-mail to about 70 people, most - if not all of them, frum, married, working people. B'ezrath Hashem, you should raise many thousands of dollars and may your website and all it does - go from strength to strength in keeping all Jewish men out of trouble".

Please everyone, we need your help!

We can't do this without you. Not enough funding is coming through, and it's becoming difficult to keep going at the current pace. Please donate if you can, but even more importantly - PLEASE COPY THE FORMAT ABOVE AND PASS THIS E-MAIL ON, WHETHER YOU DONATE OR NOT. (The above format makes it look like the e-mail came from someone else - and you're just passing it on). Download the attachment here by right-clicking and pressing "Save Target/Link As". Then, simply attach the PDF file to the e-mail you send out.

Together we can change the world!

GuardYourEyes is growing and expanding its activities every day. We are working with a programming team now to design a whole new profile page where users will be able to sign up for accountability partners and sponsors, as well as join the 90 day chart. We are working on chat-rooms (separate for men and women) click here for an example (it's still a work-in-progress) where people will be able to chat in real-time for Chizuk, RSS feeds, and so many more features to make our network more useful and user friendly for everyone. We hope one day to have a world-wide network of hotlines where people can call in for Chizuk 24 hours a day - with real professionals on the line, and we dream of publishing books, pamphlets and doing so much more!


Rosh Hashana is about proclaiming Hashem as King in the world. Sins in these areas distance Hashem from the world like no other sins do. By helping us help other Yidden in these areas, we are drawing Hashem back down to this world and proclaiming Him as our King.

May you all have a Ksiva Vachasima Tova, and may this year be a year of physical and spiritual health, sobriety and growth for everyone!