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New weekly newsletter for Shabbos! #1 - Va'Yikra 5780

the.guard Thursday, 26 March 2020

New weekly newsletter for Shabbos!

Many of our members get their chizuk from the GYE website, forums, emails and videos, but when Shabbos comes they feel bereft of their chizuk life-line.

To help our members get through Shabbos while remaining inspired, GuardYourEyes is proud to announce the launch of a new weekly newsletter, designed to be printed out before Shabbos. The four page pamphlet contains divrei Torah, advice, humor and anecdotes, all related to the struggle of shmiras einayim in today's world and tied in with current events and the weekly parsha.


Click here to download Edition No.1 for Parshas Va'Yikra

To access on Google Drive click here.

Print it out for Shabbos to breath in a fresh spirit of Kedusha on this holy day!