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My Journey Home

A GYE Member wrote:

the.guard Monday, 08 February 2021
My Journey Home

Dear fellow brethren,

Not too long ago, I saw an advertisement for GYE on YeshivaWorld; since then, I have signed up and read/listen to the GYE boosts, which is INCREDIBLY AMAZING beyond English words to describe what a powerful tool GYE is in retaliation of tremendous and deep challenges and for the preservation of our souls, our essence, our very being! Mi KiAmcha Yisrael!?!

There is so much to write to you about, yet, after starting off with a HUGE Hakaras Hatov for all of the time, energy, attention, patience, and resources that you all put into this life saving organization, and how many people's lives were/are saved through GYE as well as future generations, I am to get to the next point of this letter.

In response to the deeply inspiring and motivating Shiurim and tips, tidbits, tools and more that literally give a person the tools, inner strength and courage to fight and eventually win this intense war, I wrote some of my thoughts down on paper. Although I generally do not share my writings, in commemoration and deep respect and honor of Rabbi Twerski ZT"L, whom I understand played a significant role in GYE, I would like to share them with you in the event that it may inspire someone else, in which case it would be worth sharing.

My Silent Plea

Heart full of anguish and yearning, I turn to You
Father in Heaven, I long to return to the Truth
I feel so far from You, my Father, my King
Abashed and alone, You know everything.

I feel lost and confused
What's the right thing to do
There's a tug-of-war deep inside
There's nowhere for me to hide.

I feel all alone in this perilous fight
Please Hashem, let my inner spark dispel the night
With Your help, Hashem, above and all around
I can and I will, successfully win this round.

Ah, the challenge is so great, let me go
I can't live this way, I need to know
How to get out, these thoughts and feelings I dread
I long to really live, live outside my head.

I need You, Hashem, please show me the way
To walk in Your path, each day I pray
Please Hashem, help me win this long dreadful fight
To hold on to hope within this dark bitter night.

I can and I will win this tug-of-war fight
I will give it my all, to do what is right
With Your help, Hashem, above and all around
I can and I will, successfully win this round.

I need to gather courage and inner strength
To succeed in this daunting challenge at length
Hashem, to Your Torah and Faith, help me adhere
To find my purpose, and complete my mission here.

Hashem, sincerely speaking it out with You
Fills me with hope and courage, I'm not lost or confused
You control everything, failure and success
My job is to try and do my absolute best.

Thank You, Hashem, my Tefilos You heard
Straightening the many lines that were blurred
Granting me the strength and courage to move forward
To live the Life of Truth, with Eternal reward.

One step at a time, it's not over 'till it's done
My journey Home, in Your way, it's just begun
With Your help, Hashem, above and all around
I can and I will, successfully win this round.

Again, the tireless and selfless work that you do on behalf of Klal Yisrael is eternal, in this world and the next! May Hashem continue to grant you and GYE much Hatzlacha Raba and Shefa Bracha in all of your endeavours.


A grateful and proud member of Klal Yisrael