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Miriam Brings Experience, Strength and Hope to NY - May 2, 2013

the.guard Wednesday, 01 May 2013

Wives of Sexaholics need support too - Where do I start?

Chosse between Workshops or Private Sessions.

Next Sunday May 5th at 7:30 pm - THE WORKSHOP

Join other wives for a free get together 45 minute Intro Workshop

with the option to stay for an additional hour to continue and benefit with my Group Coaching. $45.

It will take place in Flatbush.

More details will follow.

RSVP at or call (318) 599-9408


Workshop Program for the evening-

Free Intro Session - 7:30 P.M Registration and Schmooz

7:45 - Sharing my story - "My Unmanageability and Me"

How by holding on to old habits, they can destroy me.

Please bring the following to the Workshop:

Write a list - How do I react, what do I do when I feel out of control

(i.e. check his emails, call him, overeat, etc)?




Group Coaching Session - Building and Executing an Action Plan

8:30 - 9:30 PM

Taking tangible Action Steps to take care of ME.

You will leave the workshop supported and with Tools to Recover from the addiction.

Knowing that You did not Cause it, You cannot Cure it and You cannot Control it.


Monday and Tuesday Private Sessions - One on One -

"Sex is optional" addressing all you questions and concerns regarding Sex with the addict.

Plus other Topics as needed.

By appointment only

Location - Flatbush.

$110 Per hour