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Meeting the Mashgiach, R' Don Segal Shlit"a

GYE Corp. Monday, 19 December 2011

One of our supporters had spoke to Rav Don Segal Shlit"a about our work and suggested that we meet with the renowned Mashgiach to tell him more about what we do and get his Bracha. Today we met with him after davening Vasikin in his Yeshiva in Ezras Torah. He was very warm to our work and said that, yes, he had heard of what we are doing and was actually in the process of looking through our handbooks. He said that our work is a "Gevaldige Zach", gave us a big "Yasher Koach" and wished us a lot of Siyatta Dishmaya.

He also said that he would send anyone he knows that struggles with these things to us.

He told us over a d'var Torah as well. Chaza"l say, "ain habracha sharui ela bi'davar hasamui min ha'ayin - Blessing is found only in something covered from the eyes"."Davar" is a remez to d'var erva. As the Pasuk says, "ki matza bah ervas davar". In other words, he explained, there can be no blessing unless we guard our eyes from all divrei erva.

"Taskilu Ve'Tatzlichu!" he exclaimed, as we parted.