Mazal Tov to Sci1977 for 1 Year Clean!

by Sci1977 (See all authors)

1 year clean today. Thank you to everyone on this site - and especially my wife - for getting me here. Keep on living everyone. No slips or falls. None needed or wanted.


Sci1977 posted last year in the beginning of his journey:

It seems weird that almost three weeks clean have passed. I spent the last day or so forcing myself to find other outlets for the time I spent.

The best distraction has actually been "working". I have been working like a mad man. I used to sit at my desk and figure out what I was going to next for "my desire". Now I work and I'm accomplishing much more.

I also have discovered other outlets, like actually trying to talk to my wife and play with the kids.

The stress of the day does not get to me anymore. I think I have taken a step in not letting stress be a trigger. I wake up every morning now and I tell myself it's going to be a good day. G-d granted me another day to be here, to be with my wife and kids. It's a weird feeling knowing that just changing my attitude towards life really works. Simple but true. No slips or falls, and none needed or wanted.

Thank you for continued support and I thank G-d everyday for this website and the people on it.