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Join SMART Recovery on Zoom!

the.guard Wednesday, 26 August 2020
Join SMART Recovery on Zoom!

We have started a SMART Recovery zoom meeting each Sunday morning at 9am Eastern. If you're interested in joining please write to

Through Zoom’s video and screen sharing features, this support group will resemble live meetings as closely as possible, and will allow you to get the same benefits as joining a real meeting.

SMART Lakewood

The SMART Recovery support group in Lakewood is now expanding and will meet each Sunday and Wednesday at 8:30-9:30 PM. If you live in the area, please email for more details. If you haven't joined yet, now is a great opportunity! (The address for the live meetings will only be given to people who have been screened individually by a facilitator. This allows everyone to have a truly safe environment where they can open up honestly with others who have also been carefully screened).

The meetings are led by a certified SMART recovery facilitator who also has personal experience with the 12-step program, and is also a longtime GYE member. Get help with:

  1. Building and Maintaining Motivation
  2. Coping with Urges
  3. Managing Thoughts, Feelings and Behaviors
  4. Living a Balanced Life

To learn more visit