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It's that time of year again. Please help us with your contacts!

obormottel Monday, 07 September 2015

Once a year during the Aseres Yimei Teshuvah, GYE makes an appeal for contributions to help cover the cost of our operation. Every Jew that we reach increases our chances of success, not just for the appeal but more people can get helped!

It would be a huge help to us if you could send us the e-mail addresses in your contact list. Obviously we will keep any information about where we got the addresses 100% confidential.

You can EXPORT all your contacts in Gmail or Outlook in a few simple steps as a .csv file. See this image for instructions. If you still aren't sure how to do this, feel free to ask us at
Wishing everyone a Ksiva Vachasima Tova!

The GYE Team