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GYE’s Quarterly VIP Update: 2cd Quarter 2022

the.guard Tuesday, 28 June 2022

The Big Launch!

Baruch shechaynu ve'kimanu lazman hazeh! This is one of the most exciting times for GYE since it began (in Tamuz, precisely 15 years ago). On Rosh Chodesh Tamuz last week, we finally launched the long-awaited GYE 2.0 website, which has been under development for the last few years. Although we launched the "Flight to Freedom" program a few months ago, the new website combines the old GYE with the new GYE 2.0 for a completely new user experience.

Video Series Narrated by Rabbi Shafier

In order to make the 6-Week "Flight to Freedom" much more enjoyable and easier to digest, we rewrote the entire course in narration format and asked Rabbi Benzion Shafier (from The to narrate the course in a series of 40 animated videos. Click the images below for example videos.

shafier finished

The Big 5 Year Plan

With the goal of reaching 120,000 new members, we've created an ambitious Five-Year $18 Million Plan. To see how you can take part in this monumental endeavor to change the face of Klal Yisroel forever see here. (Schedule a Zoom meeting with Yaakov Nadel for an in depth tour of the new program).

Check Out the New Site!

To see the whole new site, log in with your GYE account, or create a new account here. (Choose “I’m just curious” at the first step)

To get an impression of the new site without having to log in, click here to see the design prototypes for the new dashboard, new registration, and member assessments (use the Ctrl+scroll to zoom in and out, and use the arrow tool on the left to move the images around).

Welcome Guides and Worksheets

GYE 2.0 comes together with 30 new worksheets (see samples).

We are also creating a series of brochures to welcome new members as soon as they sign up (click here for an example of how it looks). There are separate brochures for men, women, spouses, and teens.

Personalized: Each member sees what they need to see.

The GYE 2.0 website also has a new support and community system that automatically shows the options relevant to each member. For example, a 30-year-old male struggling with addiction would see this support page and this community page. On the other hand a teen would see this support page and this community page, to ensure they are exposed to less risky material and receive peer support on their level.

New Members 1st Quarter 2022:

From the 31,000+ members who have signed up to GYE over the years, 1,033 new members signed up to GYE this past quarter. This averages over 86 new members per week who are reaching out for help. (In addition, the daily GYE boosts currently have over 8,000 Whatsapp members).

Next Big Thing: Marketing!

With the launch of our new platform (GYE 2.0), our five-year plan calls for significant investment in advertising and promotion and hiring a marketing director. As a result, we expect a HUGE jump in membership - with the goal of reaching 120,000 new members in the coming five years be"h. Rav Yosef Elefant has volunteered to help connect us with the 150 or so Rabbanim in Lakewood, and we just had an excellent Zoom meeting with 5 of the top Rabbanim in LA. We are developing a master plan for each major Jewish city in the U.S. and developing a plan for the UK as well.


GYE's chizuk boosts are sent out by email and Whatsapp to over 15,000 members each day. They contain short video clips from a great variety of speakers offering chizuk in the area of Kedusha. In honor of our 1,000th chizuk boost, Rav Yisroel Majesky shared 10 powerful strategies to battle the great nisyonos of our generation! Click here to watch.

New Members on the GYE Team:

R' Bunni Freedman: We'd like to welcome R' Bunni Freedman to our team! R' Bunni is a community activist from Detroit who recently joined us as a volunteer - Lisheim Shamayim - to help us with networking, fundraising, and public relations. He understands the great need out there and the tremendous potential of GYE 2.0. He feels the great achrayus of bringing GYE 2.0 to Klal Yisrael to ensure that every frum Jew who is struggling knows that help is available and is indeed able to get the help they need in the most professional way possible. R' Bunni brings many years of experience and strategy to the team, and we're very excited and grateful to have him on board!

Chaim Fendrich: Chaim is a life coach who lives in Staten Island. He is joining our team now full time, to help run GYE's complex support-division. In addition, he will act as a community liason by traveling around the U.S. and meeting with Rabbanim, Askanim and Yeshivos.

Nir Yosef Shmertz: We recently hired Nir to run the GYE Hebrew Platform, as well as the Hebrew admin and support. Nir is a social worker who has led hundreds of workshops for the development of practical abilities in the fields of marital and sexual masculinity in middle school, high school and married men. In recent years, Nir has sought every way to make the knowledge from the world of therapy and sexual therapy accessible to the God-fearing general public, in order to facilitate their struggles.

GYE currently has over 25 people on the team. Click here to see a chart of the GYE’s current organizational structure. (Use the Ctrl+ scroll to zoom in and out, and use the arrow tool on the left to move the images around).

Some Testimonials From This Quarter:

A Rebbe in a Yeshiva Highschool sent in last week:

I'd just like to express my Hakoras Hatov for all that GYE has done for me. I had been struggling for 20+ years, thought I had tried everything and just assumed I'd have to go through life with a constant struggle. 8 months ago I discovered GYE, and I've been clean ever since. So thank you for, largely, saving my life!

Yitzchok wrote:

“I started the Flight to Freedom program a few weeks ago. This is the first time ever that I feel confident about changing. Today is my 17th consecutive day clean from Porn and Masturbation. I never got even close to this -- even though I had good filters installed.”

Zev wrote:

“What does freedom mean to me?

  1. To go to work without constantly worrying (and knowing) whether I am going to act out today or if I will be able to control myself
  2. Leaving work without feeling guilty because it happened yet again.
  3. Being happy with all the good things I have, not focusing on what I don't.
  4. That I can focus positively on my Avodas HaShem (serving G-d) without feeling hypocritical.

Simcha wrote:

“Sometimes I think back to those grotesque images which I have not seen for months and I think, could this really be what interested me?? What a contrast between what I "gave up", and what I received instead. The contrast is beyond words.”

Tzvi wrote:

“This is truly wonderful! I've received a huge bracha (blessing) to be able to reach this point. After a good 20+ years of struggling, I'd totally given up on ever getting near healed and simply accepted that this was my affliction in life, my pain and burden that I had to bear (along with all the knock-on effects of carrying it). During the last 12 weeks, not only have I felt much better about myself, I have strived in so many areas of my life (marriage, friends, work, etc). I didn’t know I was capable of all of these rapid improvements! I never even realized I was missing so much! [...] I am growing as a person in many ways, and I feel a menuchas hanefesh that I did not know existed. You have given me a new lease on life!...”

Shimon wrote:

“Thank you Hashem, thank you Hashem, thank you Hashem. How do you even come close to understanding this momentous accomplishment? My gratitude is immense, and I will forever remember these 90 days probably more than any other 90 days of my life. Because it is where I found "living". I feel like a four-year-old that just got to open up his biggest birthday present. The only difference is, that instead of getting a toy or a video game, I received something better: Life. Life was in a huge box with a big bow.”

For a nice Poem Testimonial called "My Way Home", click here.