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GYE Whatsapp Group

the.guard Wednesday, 21 April 2021
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Terms and conditions:

By joining this group you agree:

  1. not to share any information on any member of the group with anyone else.
  2. not to hold GYE liable for any breach to your anonymity, or any other possible damages that may occur.
  3. not to foster arguments with other members
  4. not to post anything vulgar, explicit or anything that could be triggering to others
  5. not to post about personal struggles in ways that others may find triggering
  6. to delete any posts that the admin or moderators ask you to delete.

This message is sent to new members of the group:



If you are new to this chat, welcome! We are glad you joined, and we hope that you will gain a lot from the support and chizuk that the other members give. As you areprobably aware, this chat is a support group for Jewish men who are struggling with lust. While this is a pretty much “free reign” chat, there are a few non-negotiable rules with a zero-tolerance policy.

Please read the rules THOROUGHLY!

  • For your protection, this chat is monitored. Only verified GYE members are able to join, and all members go through a screening to confirm that they are strong enough to be on the chat.
  • While this chat is meant to be open and honest, it is not helpful to paint a picture with vivid details of what we struggle with. This can be triggering to others.
  • We are not here to play therapist/rabbi; we are here as people who could relate to each other because we've been through similar situations.
  • Sometimes just being understanding, even if we don't have all the answers, is helpful.
  • People may offer to be in touch via email, apps, phone, etc. Unless you have chatted with them to the point that you feel comfortable with them and feel that they are stable, do NOT give out any contact information.
  • WARNING: Predators and troublemakers are everywhere. If anyone sends you an unwarranted message, or anything that makes you uncomfertable, please let the admin know immidiately. Block them from your contacts and report them to us.

Overall, we’ve seen how positive and helpful chats like these can be. We don’t want to have to shut it down, but if the privilege is being abused, we will take it down without hesitation.

GYE and this chat are supposed to be a safe haven. Let’s each do our part to keep it that way.

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