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GYE Admin: We Never Had Such Volume Of Requests For Help

Follow-Up letter in the Lakewood Scoop

GYE Corp. Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Dear Lakewood Scoop,
Thank you for posting my letter [A Professional’s Response To Internet Addicts: Klal Yisroel Is Now Beginning To Deal With The Issue, March 29, 2011]. Yasher Koach gadol! It was brave of you to post this because it’s not something we generally like to discuss, but anyone on the cutting edge of tachlis and askanus today needs to be able to face the issues of the generation without shying away from responsibility for the klal.

We have already received about 25-30 requests so far for the deletebrowser program to help people delete the browser on their Blackberry. (Send an e-mail to: and you will get back a free program that eliminates the internet browser from your Blackberry. E-mails and all other applications will continue to function normally.)

Also, our filter Gabai says he never had such volume of requests for help! (The “Filter Gabai” can hold the password for you so you won’t be tempted to turn off the filter. Contact our filter gabai today at

Some of the comments to the letter were so heart warming. It is incredible to see the impact that GYE is making on people’s lives. Some examples:

“recovering addict” says:
GYE is a fantastic program. They deserve a lot of credit for getting the word out there and for having a hotline to call in the time of need. May those who need recovery from this addiction find their true source of recovery soon.


Pinchas says:
Guardyoureyes saved my life and my marriage! The Tzadikim there really bent over backwards to ensure I rid my neshama of the shmutz it amassed over so many years.


“a” says:
Thank you reb Guard! I cannot honestly say that you saved my life b/c I was not exactly addicted… but I am so much happier and feel so much holier now. who can judge between big and small? What you are doing has helped so many people. May hashem bless you with everything good. I am thrilled that these problems are being made public, and being dealt with as well. we can no longer afford to sweep all of our problems under the carpet. All of you out there who are struggling, there IS hope! Just go to the GYE website, you will fly from there!


“Real GYE member” says:
Thank You Yaacov for giving me my life back.


“lakewood Yungerman” says:
I am proud to say GYE saved my life.
And I know many people in our town that benefitted from this website.
My story is on the forum.
Please read the stories on the forum.
It can save your life.
Thank you yaaakov
How can a mere thank you suffice to the man who saved your life?
Yaakov, only Hashem knows what you did for me and for ALL of klal yisroel.


“GYE Member” says:
I personally have had my ENTIRE life changed by the use of as many others have also. I am not referring to a change that took place over the course of many years such as a 12 step program very often requires. I am telling you that in the span of a short 2 months, I have curtailed this issue. If you want to tell me that I wasn’t an addict than you are insulting my Promises made to Hashem on each of the last 4 Yom Kippur’s and about 50 times in between (and for your info I manage to keep EVERY other one of my promises on Yom Kippur). I had such a problem that I was nichshol on Rosh Hashanah itself, it even caused me to be Mechalel Shabbos once, and I wasn’t stopped even when I had been caught the day before. After over 10 years of all this, turned my life around in a mere two months and it had nothing to do with an increased Yiras Shamaim. In fact, my Yiras Shamaim has increased as a result of my success, rather than being the cause for it.


See here for the actual article