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From the Front Lines (#2)

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the.guard Sunday, 10 May 2020
From the Front Lines (#2)

"NachalNovea" writes on the forum:

Hi everyone, I’m not the usual type of guy to be writing on these things but I am clean for over 3 weeks!

This includes weekends at home, Coronavirus & being alone with technology for a long time, and many battles. Battles that without reading the experiences and simple victories of the holy chevra here, I would not be anywhere where I am today. Simply reading what we are all trying to attain + realizing that we are all in this together is tremendous.

My story really starts in high school, and has never been fully under control since. Went to yeshiva and had some good streaks but never really fought a battle. When I came back from Yeshiva, I fell hard and fast. To a point where I just tried to make it from Shabbos to Shabbos. The pre-Shabbos mikva became 1 big tefillah, begging hashem to give me the internal strength to be strong again just one more time. Like Shimshon.

Then I found GYE and I feel like a new person! This has been an amazing journey so far and I really owe you guys a yasher koach & huge thank you.

P.S. The levels on the 90-Day-Chart give me so much chizuk. (I am at the level of “Eved Hashem” now), it’s a phenomenal feature!