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Flight to Freedom goes Face to Face

chaimmod Wednesday, 09 March 2022
Flight to Freedom goes Face to Face

We’re happy to announce that the Flight to Freedom Recovery meeting in Brooklyn is starting a new cycle.

The F2F Recovery meeting has been established last year and runs a live group support meeting geared to frum men people who are struggling with lust. It takes place in the five boroughs each Monday at 8 pm.

If you live in Brooklyn and are serious about recovery, we invite you to join us!

Flight to Freedom helps individuals gain independence from addiction and is based on the latest scientific knowledge. The meeting is fully aligned with Torah values and incorporates the tools of GYE’s Flight to Freedom program.

The meetings are led by a certified SMART recovery facilitator who also has personal experience with the 12-step program, and is also a longtime GYE member.

If you feel you will gain from these meetings or would like more information please email

Note: The location for the live meetings will only be given to people who have been screened individually by a facilitator. This allows everyone to have a truly safe environment where they can open up honestly with others who have also been carefully screened. If you are interested in joining please email