Monday, 12 October 2015

Coming Soon: Live Webinar by Rabbi Henry Harris

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Rabbi Chanoch (Henry) Harris on the Parsha - Lessons from GuardYourEyes
Adam and Chava's first night on planet Earth teaches us an important insight about recovery - it's human to feel that mistakes/falls are the end of the world and it's human to wake up from that. 
Here's the video (4 mins) - Highly Recommended:





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Rabbi Chanoch (Henry) Harris is the director of the Jewish Center for Wellbeing, a non-profit that teaches principles of wellbeing that support peace of mind and freedom from conflict and compulsion. Formerly, Rabbi Harris served as Educational Director of Aish Hatorah New York City for 14 years.

Coming Soon: 3-Part Live Webinar series by Rabbi Henry Harris

Healthy, Gentle, Powerful Change

It can often look like change is beyond us. In truth, it mostly requires an openness to looking in a new direction. Join Rabbi Henry Harris for an exploration of a simple truth: that people are healthy, that despite our being prone to stumble and lose our way, we were designed - right now - to experience the Divine gifts of emunah, humility, and acceptance – the greatest drivers of joyful freedom, wellbeing and growth.

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