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Article in the Jewish Press

GYE Corp. Wednesday, 11 January 2012

After reading some of the powerful testimonials on our website, Rabbi Simcha Feuerman, LCSW-R, prepared an article called "Internet Addiction - The Frightening Truth and the Inspiring Possibilities for Recovery" in which he brings personal vignettes from our network from [quote] "people whose lives were devastated and became unmanageable as a result of their addictions, but who were also fortunate and courageous enough to rebuild and recover with the help of" The article was published this week by the Jewish Press (March 24 - Section F3) and Rabbi Feuerman hopes to have it published in other Jewish news outlets as well.

What's unique about this article is that Jewish news channels in our communities have never printed an article that discusses these issues as strongly and openly before. So much so, that we felt the responsibility to send it to Rabbi Avraham J. Twerski for review before it was submitted for publication. Rabbi Twerski's response appears in the article at the end and is unequivocal: "I endorse everything in this article, which is unfortunately true, and the time has come for this kind of article to be written.... If we have the ability to alert the community about this spiritual cancer and we do not do so, then we share in the guilt of the lives and families that are being ruined. This plague respects no-one. There is no immunity... I am also personally close with the founders of the GuardYourEyes organization and can vouch for their work, which has helped hundreds of Acheinu B'nei Yisrael turn their lives around and is so necessary in today's world."