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Announcement for Shloshes Yimei Hagbala

Let's all set up this fence in honor of Kabalas HaTorah!

the.guard Thursday, 06 June 2019
Announcement for Shloshes Yimei Hagbala

Today is the last chance to join the 230+ members who signed up for the YESOD challenge - and receive a reward from GYE! CLICK HERE to join!

FAQ: For common questions about the YESOD challenge and suggestions for alternative kosher outlets for entertainment SEE HERE:

Eliyahu wrote:

I recognized from the push of this campaign for myself that even when going to Fox News or websites that shouldn’t be such an issue in regards to your eyes, it has become a tremendous issue! The scary thing is you don’t even realize it, but all it takes is one article about something inappropriate in the midst of nonsense news to be trapped. The next thing you know you are looking at an inappropriate Instagram and now you have already stained your eyes, and it can quickly lead to a downward spin out of control... All this for going on a website we would think is harmless. So I want to give my thanks to GYE to bringing to my attention that even seemingly harmless non-Jewish news websites can lead to destruction.

Anna wrote:

"After reading all the feedback and encouraging words from other participants, I want to add my 2 cents, as well. I am a female, a baalat tshuva, and I find your emails and video clips to be about so much more than just lust - they inspire me to be a better Jew, reminding me that it all comes down to accessing and accentuating the Divine, Kadosh part inside of us, not giving reign to the animalistic one, be it inappropriate physical desires, non-tzniyus sites, or just materialistic pursuits. We are bombarded daily with such nonsense and garbage, which is not the true reality and does not belong in Jew's holy neshama. We can look away, look down, look up (to Hashem), but we don't have to let yetzer hara win! GYE's whole overarching message is how to be a better Jew, period. I am reminded about who is the real Boss I need to impress, and why we need to differentiate ourselves from other nations and serve as a role model to elevate the physical. This wonderful free service gives me so much rich and wholesome food for thought and empowers me to fight temptation.

Tehillim, Psalm 90:10 - "The length of our days is 70 years, 80 if we are healthy..." Let us listen to Dovid HaMelech! Our lives are a tiny dot in the big perspective; let us not fill this precious time with silly/ destructive nonsense! May we see Moshiach in our days.


P.S. I am inspired (and simultaneously humbled) by all of you who have commented and accepted the challenge, as well. Thank you.

Reuven wrote:

I accept bl"n to stay off You tube. Instagram, Facebook and Fox news for 30 days. This is my own personal kabbolas ha torah. Thanks for your wonderful website!

Luis wrote:

Thank you for this timely challenge for our generation. We indeed are most threatened to our innermost being and Neshamah more than ever before, but Hashem provides a way out and Chizuk like you all at GYE. Thank you!

Daniel wrote:

Thank you helping me realize that even some of my more "benign" activities are problematic and eschewing them can be a catalyst for greater growth.