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A Valuable Project for the SSA Community

Please help fund an extremely important project related to addressing homosexuality in the Jewish Orthodox community:

the.guard Sunday, 09 June 2013

A short video aimed at finally revealing the success many religious Jews have at achieving freedom from their unwanted same-sex attractions.

There is no doubt that the topic of homosexuality incites strong emotion and beliefs within Jewish Orthodoxy. Ever since the premier of the documentary “Trembling Before God” in 2001, Jews across all spectrums were finally exposed to the great difficulty many individuals with homosexual attractions experience within Judaism. There is no doubt that these people are deeply conflicted with wanting to live as a Jew and abide to all Jewish law, but not knowing how to truly do so with their real, un-chosen, homosexual attractions and feelings. Today, we usually only hear about two viewpoints regarding what should be done to help these Jews:

1.They should continue to accept and learn Torah, fervently pray to Hashem, and try to marry a woman or remain celibate.

2. Judaism needs to change in a way that will allow it to fully accept homosexuals and their lifestyle.

And each day it seems that more and more doubt and negativity is being publicized about another third option:

3. Helping these Jews find therapeutic and effective tools that could allow them to experience freedom from their unwanted homosexual attractions and an increase in real, healthy heterosexuality.

Until now…

Finally, men from the organization called JONAH (Jews Offering New Alternatives to Homosexaulity) are coming forward and setting the record straight. In a confidential and safe manner, these men have agreed to speak out in a video about the tremendous benefit and freedom they have gained with the help of JONAH at achieving their goals around their unwanted homosexuality.

Imagine being able to see a video that clearly shows that Jewish individuals with unwanted same-sex attractions have accomplished their dreams at marrying and raising a family. Imagine hearing the voices of people who can thank JONAH for helping them develop heterosexual attractions that have allowed them to date with confidence. Imagine knowing that there are Jews out there who have experienced true positive change in their self-awareness, self-confidence and closeness to Hashem thanks to the help provided by JONAH.

The need for such a video is crucial today and it can happen! In fact, a videographer, who is passionate about JONAH's cause, is already prepared to film and create such a video. We just now need your help in funding this project.

With a budget of $5500, JONAH has already raised $3,500. They just now need $2000 more, and with your help, this can be achieved. Even just a small donation could go a very long way.

Please think about the positive impact this video will create. Think about the many Jewish individuals with unwanted same-sex attractions in our community who are desperately seeking this help, but are still lost thanks to the prevailing voices in our society that say this third option is impossible and/or damaging. Those people deserve to see that indeed they can do something that could potentially save their lives.

Your donation could provide this hope to them.

Thank you for your consideration and TezkuLeMitzvos!

Tax deductible checks can be made payable to “Jonah”. Write “video fund” in the memo line of the check. Checks can be mailed to:

P.O.Box 313
Jersey City, NJ 07303

Or you could make a donation on their website,