Monday, 14 May 2012

Why is a thousand times never enough?!

by GYE (See all authors)

We need to internalize that these desires are out to destroy us, not to help us. He claims to be our best friend, but he is our worst enemy. The evil inclination's goal is that the value of our lives should be zero. His job is to damage. To do this he was given permission to use pleasure and illusionary "fulfillment" as a bluff to be able to cause us damage. Otherwise, how could he possibly damage, we would tell him to get lost! But we need to realize, it is like Arafat offering us a piece of cake. We know he doesn't mean the cake, he means to use the cake to damage us somehow. After all, isn't it obvious that the evil inclination wants your soul, not the pleasure? Otherwise, why is a thousand times never enough?!

We need to keep reminding ourselves that it is an addiction, a disease, an immaturity. That these are not-normal, non-healthy desires. These false pleasures that he offers us, destroy our relationship with our own selves--our own souls, not to mention our precious family life. And the most harmful of all, they destroy our relationship with G-d.