Wednesday, 09 May 2012

Vanish like a puff of hot air

by GYE (See all authors)

The Yetzer Hara tells us that we want "intimacy", "love" etc... he tells us how we desperately need arousal, we need "beauty" we need "lust", we need to indulge in the beauty of a woman's body... All these things are one big lie. The only thing the Yetzer Hara really wants is the ejaculation. The minute you've had the ejaculation, all the needs you thought you had for "intimacy", "love", "beauty" etc... they all vanish like a puff of hot air. The Yetzer Hara is an expert at fooling us. He dresses up the desire for ejaculation in all types of sublime feelings and concepts and makes us believe that we want much more than just to jerk off. But this huge and colorful lie reveals itself for what it is the minute we have finished the ejaculation. Then, the beauty you thought you craved so much becomes meaningless, the intimacy you thought you needed so bad becomes annoying and unwanted. We all know this and yet we keep letting ourselves become fooled again and again. How much longer will we give up what is truly precious for the world's biggest lie?