Thursday, 15 October 2015

Together, we stand!

by Hillel Hazukyn (See all authors)

Don't just lie there alone, come on out - join the group,

We're all fightin' a battle and we need every single troop,

We're all in this together, here's my hand, hold on tight,

I can't afford to lose you, so I'll pull with all my might.

There's no time for depression, when you're fighting a war,

If you fall, get up, quick, 'cause you know there'll be more.

And here's another reason, why we need you standing tall

'cause there are other soliders that get hit and also fall,

but when they see you stand up straight and shake off the dirt,

It gives them strength to do the same and not lie down with self hurt.


That other solider who got hit, was little old me,

I was trying to fight back with my own army,

but that never works, and I was going to fall,

then I remembered what Steve always says on the call.

If you're lusting then you taking, yes, you're feeling greedy,

So the only way out is to help the needy.