Wednesday, 09 May 2012

He will do it for you

by GYE (See all authors)

Don't think you can win the battle against the evil inclination on your own. You can't. But the good news is, if you trust in G-d and just keep moving forward, he will do it for you.

When the Jews stood near the red sea with the Egyptians close behind them and they cried out to G-d, G-d said to Moses "Ma Titzak Alai, Daber el Bne yisrael Ve'yisa'u" - "For what do you cry out to me? Tell the Children of Israel to go forward!" The holy books explain that G-d was saying, "Leave what's up to me up to me. You just go forward!". In other words, when it comes to truly breaking free of "Mitzrayim" once and for all, it is G-d who ultimately fights these battles for us. We just have to put our full trust in him and move forward--like Nachshon, who went into the sea until his neck--and then G-d did the rest. "Hashem Yilachem Lachem, Ve'atem Tacharishun" - "G-d will fight for you, and you shall be silent".

Now is the time. On the seventh day of Pesach, the same divine light that came down at the splitting of the Red Sea comes down to this world again. We all need G-d to split the sea for us, each in our own personal battle with "Mitzrayim". So let's tune in to the "trust" frequency and experience this miracle again today as then!