Thursday, 10 May 2012

Better to go after a Lion

by GYE (See all authors)

It is written in the book Rechev Eliyahu that the Yetzer ha Rah tells the person: "Hey, you're not doing anything wrong by looking at women, because your intention is not to enjoy through your eyes, but only to check out if you know this particular woman, and many other things will the Yetzer ha Rah tell him. Therefore a man should build up fences and barriers and he should think that even the strongest of men, like Samson, the most pious man, namely David and the wisest Salomon, stumbled through women and furthermore our Rabbis said: "Better to go after a Lion and not after a woman" and the person should think: isn't she full of impurity and her mouth full of blood and the man who fixes his eyes on her makes for himself molten g-ds and causes a spirit of Tumah to enter within him.