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Not being careful of my eyes
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TOPIC: Not being careful of my eyes 314 Views

Not being careful of my eyes 23 Nov 2020 01:13 #357675

  • beautifuleyes
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Dear Brothers,
I am already a member for several years already on a different name.
Recently,i have een googling different things that are okay but come with people literally having S*X. Thank G-D I didn't fall meaning losing zera. But i have decided that in order to stop me in my tracks from going overboard, I am going to consider my falls on googling not good things and convincing myself that I need to do it or that it is good.
Guys I need your help to get over this.
BH, Hashem has given my blessings, I need his guidence and encouragement and looking at people have s*x is not the way to do it.
Like these pictures are on amazon and not on some porn website.
So dear brothers dont let me down. Pick me up.



Re: Not being careful of my eyes 23 Nov 2020 01:50 #357680

  • Grant400
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Thanx for sharing! 

Yeah, Amazon and the like are terrible. They aren't "bad sites" so it doesn't feel as terrible. I struggled with them immensely. Until I removed all from my phone and didn't allow the apps through my filter company. I only use them now on a device that has image painting. Also extremely important, I don't just browse for fun. I only use it when I need to. 

Hang in there. Post. Read old forums. 

Please don't run away! 


Re: Not being careful of my eyes 23 Nov 2020 05:45 #357700

  • wilnevergiveup
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What was wrong with your old username?

Everyone is different but in my case I use a white list and have google completely blocked. Most filter companies have an option for grey images for sites like Amazon, although not perfect, it's far better than without it.

I know this is an old debate but for me, it was an endless road without taking that step.

If I need to get into a website, I can ask the password holder to open it for a specific amount of time and I will not look at the site when I am alone.

This also reduces useless browsing because I can only look up what I intended to look up.

Either way I am really curious why you made a new username.

All the best,
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Re: Not being careful of my eyes 24 Nov 2020 10:57 #357752

  • Vetaher1
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For me and many others, looking at the so called kosher and regular sites can be the bigger problem, who wants to see the bad stuff, we want to be good after all, but amazon? is kosher v'yosher, so that's where we slip in the first place, in the innocently looking sites.

So we gotta stay away from all and all and all!

wishing you LOADS of hatzlocha!

Re: Not being careful of my eyes 25 Nov 2020 03:33 #357784

  • beautifuleyes
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Hi Guys ,
thanks for your encouragement.
I would like to update you on my current situation.
Yesterday, I convinced myself that I must google something. I did and I went to far almost losing zera in the interim. I went on guardyoureyes and I chatted with reallywanttobegood and he asked me if there are holes in my filter. It happens to be that yesterday I found out that there were gaping holes in my filter. I am not sure how and why it happened, but there was so much that was opened. Reallywanttobegood told me to contact my filter company right away and get it fixed. I needed to run out anyway so I waited a few hours. When I came home I got in touch with my filter company. The guy who I spoke to was knowledgeable and amazing. He totally got the situation and he offered me so many ways to to lock and block all different things.
Yesterday after he blocked almost everything, I had to "test" to make sure that it worked properly (dont do that its not smart). 
BH today was my first day clean from googling things. I was in the doctors office and there were some not tznius pictures, and I sometimes overcame the temptation to look and sometimes not.
But Thank Hashem today was much better.

So if you have a filter on your devices 
make sure to call the company and make sure that they block and lock categories.

Guys I need you to pray for me.
As of now I am due to BEZ"H give away a kidney on zos Chanukah Friday 18 of December. I also need tefillos for parnassa.

This is part of the email from the guy who helped me with my filter

I found our conversation really inspiring and I was very encouraged by hearing the filter is being used for its real intended purpose.

With tremendous respect,

All the best,

Guys dont give up. 
I will IYH contimue to post when I get a chance 

I love you all

Re: Not being careful of my eyes 25 Nov 2020 18:50 #357800

  • 5770
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Regarding the filters: I used to do the filters, and then would amuse myself bypassing them... 

In fact I could browse a website dedicated to paperclips and find something that could catalyse my acting out. 

BH I can instead post on GYE, hopefully keep my mind off it for a bit


PS and wow, good luck with the kidney. I am sure it will all turn out well!

Re: Not being careful of my eyes 25 Nov 2020 20:32 #357806

  • DavidT
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There is often a problem of pritzus even on legitimate web sites, that even with filters, accountability software, etc. you still can run into problems. For example sites that sell a product. The site is completely Kosher and would not be blocked by any filters, nor would it raise any red flags if a "web shomer" sees that you visited this site. But, on the site there is a picture of a girl using the product and the girl is not dressed tzniusly. Goyim consider this completely acceptable but we as the Am HaKodesh do not. The obvious answer is, in addition to using filters and accountability, one should, whenever possible, browse the Internet without images.
"If I am not for myself, who will be for me? But if I am only for myself, who am I? If not now, when?"
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Re: Not being careful of my eyes 26 Nov 2020 00:15 #357808

  • Hashem Help Me
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A tzaddik who is giving away a kidney - WOW!  I am humbled before you. May Hashem sacrifice for you like you are doing for one of His children!
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