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TOPIC: Hopeful 184 Views

Hopeful 12 Jul 2020 06:28 #352446

  • Taiyvah4Mitzvos
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Hi there I'm new here and I'm very happy that a community like this exists. After being 2 years clean from my 7 year long marijuana addiction I feel confident I can apply the things I've learnt toward this one. I'm aware that the beginning is the hardest from personal experience and have some understanding of how addiction hijacks your perception of reality and logical thought process. Admittance (Awareness/Acknowledgement) is the first and perhaps the biggest step. Hatzlacha to everyone! Here's a link to my 90 day thread;

Re: Hopeful 12 Jul 2020 08:06 #352448

  • FighterWithFire
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Welcome! Great attitude. Hatzlacha with the fight!
"A Yid never breaks
and a Yid never bends
and a Yid never gives up in the night
A Yid perseveres
through the deepest despairs
his Emunah strengthens him for the fight"

Re: Hopeful 12 Jul 2020 10:27 #352451

  • wilnevergiveup
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Hatzlachah on your journey.
Check out My Thread and The Truth

(עשה רצונו כרצונך (אבות,ב:ד

Feel free to email me

Re: Hopeful 13 Sep 2020 06:51 #354997

  • navigo
  • Fresh Boarder
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Welcome!  what an inspiring story!  Chazak on your journey of growth and change.  

Re: Hopeful 14 Dec 2020 05:53 #358644

  • YeshivaGuy
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How u been brother?
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