Vatibuka Ha'ir - A Breach in Our Walls

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After a stumble with Facebook, "Momo" posted:

by GYE, Momo (See all authors)

Once the walls of Yerushalayim were breached on the 17th of Tammuz, it wasn't long before the Beis Hamikdash was destroyed, only 3 weeks later. There is no better time then "Bein Ha'metzarim" for us to strengthen our own personal "walls" against the enemy.

In response to the post where "Momo" described giving up "FaceBook", we received a number of responses:

One great Ba'al Teshuvah - who has been clean now for well over a year, wrote us as follows:

The Yetzer Hara in his slimy and cunning ways, convinces so many people that Facebook is so innocent! Believe me, it is one of the worst places on the web, probably because it seems so innocent!

I personally have transgressed some of the worst Aveiros, thanks to Facebook! May Hashem have mercy on me and forgive me. May Hashem have mercy on everyone out there with a Facebook account, and give them the strength to get rid of it forever.

Same goes for mySpace and all "social" sites. The Torah forbids social mingling of the sexes. This applies 10000000% to mingling on Facebook too, and perhaps applies even more due to the anonymity involved that allows people to sink lower and lower, rachmana li'tzlan.

Please keep harping on this, until people get the message.

Another guy wrote in response to the Chizuk e-mail:

Good for you Momo! I am also happy to let you know that I gave up my Facebook a few weeks ago. It's good to see I am not alone here. I became addicted to it, checking friends' profiles and pictures.

Now when I'm home with time to spare, I'm more likely to pick up a sefer and learn instead of wasting time on the computer on these social networking sites.

Also, I went through my iTunes and iPod and deleted a lot of my goyishe music, including lady singers. This is something of a financial loss, since this music cost money, but I am more than confident that 'loss' is far outweighed by the eternal spiritual gains this will bring me.