A newcomer to GYE can get overwhlemed by the many tools, features and articles. Let us help you get started with the most important first steps.
Fool proof progressive methods for breaking free.
The GYE program has helped hundreds of people break free of lust-related behaviors and turn their lives around. With 20 practical tools in progressive order, anyone who desires to break free will find what it takes. You will also learn the proper attitude and perspective on this struggle with the GYE Program's 30 Attitude principles.
With all the shmutz in reach, healing can't begin.
We can help you find the best filter solutions for your needs, whether it's for your computer or for a mobile device, filtering or reporting, server or client based, white-list or black-list. Find what's best for you. We will guide you step by step and even hold the password for you.
Chizuk in real-time, with real friends, anonymously.
Chat with others in the GYE chat-rooms to stay out of isolation, connect with others, and get chizuk in real-time when feeling weak.
Daily encouragement and inspiration to keep you on track.
GYE's daily chizuk e-mails are literally a life-line to thousands of strugglers. With the Yetzer Hara attempting to attack us each day, we need a daily dose of Chizuk to stay strong. Receive inspiring articles, testimonials, stories, tips and chizuk from the GYE community in your In-Box. Sign up today.
Get expert guidance and advice from GYE's team.
Confused about where to start? Tried everything and feeling stuck? Email or call our anonymous helpline and we'll guide you. We understand.
All it takes is 90 days clean to break the habit. Just do it.
Scientific studies have shown that it takes 90 days to change a neural thought pattern that was ingrained in the brain through addictive behaviors. Take the leap of faith and stay clean for 90 days - so you don't have to keep struggling for the next 90 years!
Work this powerful program with a group.
Join anonymously with people in your situation, with guidance from an experienced moderator. This world-renowned program has helped millions of people around the world. GYE has daily phone conferences - morning, noon and night!
"TaPHSiC" - The Physical & Spiritual Combo
This powerful tool has worked wonders with many Frum addicts, and has freed many people from the obsession.
Get a partner through GYE's partner/sponsor system.
An email/phone/chat partner will help us learn honesty, integrity and add accountability.
See what others are doing to stay clean
Get and share advice with our vibrant community. Post on the forum to get support from the rest of the GYE community. Tell your story, reach out for help when feeling weak, and strengthen each other. The forum is a life-line of chizuk and support for hundreds of people in exactly your situation.
GYE's In-House Coaching Team
If you feel stuck and not sure how to proceed into recovery with the tools on our network, or if you're in the GYE 12 step phone conferences or live groups and would like to deepen and accelerate your recovery, a GYE coach could be the perfect solution for you.

GYE helps those struggling with inappropriate materials and related behaviors.

All services are anonymous and free! Watch the video below to learn how GYE can help. Trouble viewing? Download here

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