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Try GYE's new Chat Community!

Try GYE's new Chat Community!

You can now chat with other GYE members using a feature-rich app that you can download on Windows or on your smartphone. This a pilot currently available for males ages 18 and up.

Freedom is sweet.

The solutions provided by Guard Your Eyes (GYE) are based on cutting-edge science, and endorsed by leading therapists and Rabbis.

Trusted by thousands.

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We help men and women of all ages from the entire spectrum of the Jewish community.

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Endorsed by leading Rabbonim and Therapists

Our Solutions

Our free & anonymous solutions include:

  • Personalized self-help programs and tools
  • Confidential consultations with our expert staff
  • 12-Step and SMART Recovery phone conferences
  • Platforms to get support from experienced volunteers
  • Referrals to 3rd party resources
  • Special resources for women & spouses
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