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Side of good, and the side of evil

GYE Corp. Wednesday, 16 May 2012

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  • Know that there are two sides.

  • The side of good, and the side of evil (Sitra Achrah).

  • G-d created evil to provide man with free will.

  • The Sitra Achrah is like a shell (klipah) it has no energy of its own.

  • All the klipas must receive their substance from the side of holiness (kedusha).

  • In the days of idol worship (avodah zarah) people would consciously channel energy to the forces of evil through meditating and other practices.

  • Human fluids especially, provide substance to demonic forces.

  • It is for this reason that many satanic rituals require semen or blood.

  • All pain and suffering that exists in the world comes from the klipas.

  • In this generation the klipas receive most of their nourishment from people who are pogem their bris (desecrate the convent).

  • The most common of these transgressions is spilling seed (motze zera lvtalah).

  • Unfortunately this sin is quite common today. If people would realize its consequences many would stop.

  • Due to our low level and many sins, this topic is ignored

  • Just the opposite, shmiras habris is the most important issue to deal with today.