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Day 17: Design a Strategic Plan

GYE Corp. Monday, 21 May 2012
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But life isn't like a business plan! What motivation can I use to keep from repeating mistakes in Shmirat Einayim?

"One can assess the results of his business affairs, and then try to rectify things before trouble occurs... We have the ability to learn from our mistakes. To the degree that we refuse to embrace foolishness, so will our wisdom increase." (Ohr Yisrael, Letter Four)

The consequences of business errors are clear be­cause they cause financial loss, which is a powerful motivator. An entrepreneur makes every effort not to repeat his mistakes. "To embrace foolishness," means to make the same mistakes over and over. By refusing to do that, we become wiser.

Actually, the same rules for success apply in the Shmirat Einayim challenge. The more you know about the detrimental effects of improper images, the more motivated you will be to avoid hurting yourself. As a result, you will prepare yourself by having a plan.

Keep in mind that seeing immodest sights jeopardizes your spirituality and your ability to do mitzvot. Moreover, though it's unpleasant to think about, you have to face the fact that this pattern of aveirot will impact negatively on your eternal life in the World to Come.

Of course, these dire consequences are heavy and in­timidating. But a realistic businessman squarely faces the possibility of bankruptcy should he fail to make the right decisions. In the same way, you don't want to spiritually bankrupt yourself. To be successful, you have to internal­ize the fact that viewing immodesty is costing you dearly in the spiritual world - the world that really counts ul­timately.

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