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Zealous like Pinchas

GYE Corp. Thursday, 10 May 2012

Today is the second day of Adar Alef, which equals = 208 = the name of Pinchas, who was zealous in tikkun habris and killed Zimri when he sinned with the Midianite woman. We too, need to be zealous in fixing ourselves. Sometimes, a person thinks that if he strengthens himself enough, his addiction will go away by itself. To his dismay, he realizes after a while that the addiction doesn't go away so easily. Often, the mind has become so abused, by so many sins, that it is almost impossible to change his way of thinking. In such cases, it's not enough to rely only on "Chizuk". So what can one do? He must to be zealous for the sake of G-d, and for the sake of his eternity. He can't keep fooling himself anymore. He can't keep living a double life, doing things that go against his way of living and that take him far from G-d, bringing sadness and despair in their wake. He needs to stand up and do something drastic, like Pinchas did. If it doesn't work with "niceties" he will need to work with "toughness". Let him stand up and make a vow to G-d that he will prick himself with a needle every time he sins, every time he strays after his eyes. Let him vow to burn his skin with a match before he lets himself fall! My dear brothers, sometimes there is no other way! The addiction is so insidious, it keeps convincing you that it's not so bad, that you really will break free of it one day on your own, if only you had a little more Chizuk. No. It often won't go away like that. You must give him no choice. You must twist his arm until he too agrees to set you free - so that he doesn't get hurt, pricked or burned.... And if you find it in your heart to be zealous like Pinchas and truly give the addiction no more choice, you will feel a spirit of holiness descend upon you, and you will finally be truly free and truly happy.