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Yesod She'b'Yesod

GYE Corp. Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Today is Yesod Sh'b'Yesod in the Seffirah. The word Yesod means "Connection". Every human has an inborn subconscious need for connection to something "bigger" than themselves. Often this need is misinterpreted and we try to fill it with money, honor and pleasures. See this cute animated clip from

Those of us who fell into this addiction developed a conterfeit replacement for this need by seeking "connection" in lust. We somehow trained our brains to feel connection with the images on the screen, evisioning connection to imaginary fantasies.

Today, Yesod she'b'Yesod, is the ultimate day of "connection". Today we can learn to replace the false and imaginary attempts at connecting to "nothingness" with the everlasting connection that our souls really seek - Hashem.

Hashem is the true source of all beauty, all pleasure, all good and all light. And the "G-d hole" that we were all born with in the very essence of our souls, can only be filled with the one and only G-d.

Make that connection TODAY!