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Willing to Die for it

It says in this week's Parsha: "Zos HaTorah, Adam Ki Yamus Ba'Ohel"

-Chazal learn from this, "The Torah is not acquired unless one is willing to die for it."

GYE Corp. Sunday, 22 January 2012

Lehavdil, Harvey ended his talk with the following message:

It is true that we can lose everything by sharing our secrets with strangers in the groups. But chances are it will happen a lot faster if we don't get sober.

Our addiction is a disease, like diabetes. If the wife of a diabetic would tell her husband not to take the insulin because she doesn't want to be married to someone who takes insulin all the time, well, she won't have a husband for much longer!

If we don't put our sobriety first because we're afraid to lose what is precious to us, we will probably end up losing it all anyway. But when we're willing to lose everything and put our sobriety FIRST, we often get to keep everything precious in the end.