Friday, 09 December 2016

Where should you go?

by Zemiros Shabbos (See all authors)

"Vayelech Yakov Charanah" - Yakov left with the intention of reaching Charan. Later on, it says "Vayelech artzah bnei kedem."

The Meshech Chochmah explains: originally Yakov left with the intent on running and hiding with his mother's family, in Charan, to keep himself safe from Esav. Hashem appeared to him and said, "Vehinei anochi imach ushmarticha bechol asher telech." Once Yakov received that message, that Hashem is with him in every place, guiding and guarding him, then he was not particular about the destination: Wherever he would end up, he was with Hashem.