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When His Love is Strongest

GYE Corp. Thursday, 01 December 2011

Rav Chaim Shmulevitz brings a ritvoh in Yuma (54b). The gemorah says, that when the non-Jews entered the kodesh hakodoshim to destroy the bais hamikdosh, they found the keruvim embracing each other and they made fun of the Jews. The ritvoh asks, that it says in bava basra (91a) that the keruvim faced each other only when the Jews did Hashem's will, to show there was a closeness between Hashem and us, but when we didn't, they faced apart. So how come during the churban when we clearly weren't doing Hashem's will, they were facing together?

Rav Chaim says that this is because rebuke can only be done through love. We see this with Sedom as well, that when Hashem came to destroy them, the Shechina was around and Lot's family were warned not to look at it. When Hashem is making things hard for us and testing us, that's when His love for us is strongest, that's when He is closest. In other words, we have to train ourselves to see Hashem behind all the temptation, because it's really Him who's doing it all in the 1st place, to give us a chance to reach greater heights. And when we feel the pain of the addiction the strongest, perhaps that is when He is closest to us.