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Whatcha Lookin' at, Man??

GYE Corp. Sunday, 22 January 2012

This week's Parsha tells the story of the personal destruction of Korach.

Korach, as we all know, was no small street fighter; he was a Gadol of great proportions.

So for me and my little American head to say "pshat" in Korach is almost silly.

But the Torah and chaza"l want us to "learn" from Korach. So what can we learn?

Rashi says that Korach was a pike'ach - a smart man; why did he choose this stupidity?

One reason: It was jealousy.

In another place Rashi says, "EINAV HITAASO - his eyes fooled him".

Hello gang!!! Write this down. If you are driving, pull over.


(What are you screaming about, bards??)

Korach was a wise man.

Even a wise person can be fooled by what he sees.

The issues we face in the area of lust almost always begin with HISTAKLUS - GAZING.

So why don't we take a lesson from Korach?

One little peek... one blikk... one click... is EINAV HITAASO!!!!

We are fooled into thinking that we must lust.

Yes, we are duped into thinking that someone else's is better than mine.

And once that happens, we can use all the mussar and all the sechel and all the psychology in the world, but it won't work against "shtuss zeh - this stupidity".

Why? Cuz we are fooled!!!

As we say in business,

"If you were ripped off once, nu, it was a mistake.

But a second time? You are a idiot."

So as I asked in the topic's name,

Whatcha lookin' at, man??