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What Tachanun?!

obormottel Friday, 23 June 2017

Here's a milsa debidichusah. Today I was discussing with some friends about how many Chassidim don't say Tachnun on a Yartzeit of a "Tzadik Mefursam", and many times Chassidim will find the Yartzeit of a "Tzadik Mefursam" on every single day of the year. So I thought that maybe that was the machlokes between Korach and Moshe in this week's parsha. Korach said "Kulam Kedoshim" - they are all holy, there's always a yartzeit of someone holy - so we never need to say Tachnun! But Moshe disagreed, as it says "Vayipol Moshe al Panav".