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We Have The Components Of The Mishkan

GYE Corp. Saturday, 31 December 2011

The Beis Aharon of Karlin writes a very important Yesod on Parshas Terumah. The Mishkan had many different components, such as gold, silver, copper, blue thread, red thread, precious stones, animals skins, and so on... Each one had to be placed, carved, molded and weaved into its exact form and placed in its appropriate spot. The Mishkan had to have EXACTLY these components. If it would have been missing even one component, it wouldn't be able to be the house for Hashem's Shchinah that it was meant to be...

Every person is a small Mishkan. And every part of our life's circumstances, our traits, nature, disposition and our character is EXACTLY what we need to be the Mishkan that we are meant to be, to bring Hashem down into ourselves and into the world. As the Pasuk says, "Make for me a Mishkan and I will dwell inside them". It doesn't say "inside it" but rather inside THEM; inside each and every one of us.

We often think that "if only I didn't have such a strong desire for women", or "if only I was more healthy" or had better parnassa, or a better looking wife.... then I could have been a much better Jew"... Of course, we all believe that whatever Hashem does is for the best, but we often have to force ourselves to swallow our conditions and we still feel deep down, "if only things were different". But that is a big mistake. It's not just that our life's circumstances and natural tendencies are "barriers" that we grudgingly have to accept. They are - each and every one of them - components of OUR MISHKAN. If we had been any different by nature, or had a different life situation in any way, OUR MISHKAN would be incomplete and unable to be made into the house for Hashem's Shchinah that He had planned for us to be.