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We Can Choose Bracha TODAY

GYE Corp. Saturday, 10 December 2011

This Parsha begins with a focus on choice. We hear Moshe Rabbeinu saying: "Re'ei a'nochi no'sein lif'nei'chem ha'yom bracha u'klalla".(ArtScroll: "See. I present before you today a blessing and a curse..").

The Sfas Emes brings an insight from his Grandfather. The Chidushei HarRim had commented on the fact that every morning, we say a bracha whose inner message may initially be hard to grasp. In that bracha, we thank Hashem for giving roosters the ability to distinguish between day and night. A bracha on this theme seems bizarre. Why did Chazal introduce it into our daily davening? The Chiddushei HaRim explained that this bracha is a daily reminder that, just as Hashem gives the rooster the ability to distinguish between day and night, so, too, has He given us the free will necessary to choose between right and wrong.

The Sfas Emes gives us his reaction to a word in the pasuk which begins the Parsha. As cited above, that pasuk says: "Re'ei ... hayom ...." That is, "I present ... today". Normally, we would expect that a person who has done wrong would lose some of his capacity to choose between right and wrong; that is, his free will. Not so, says the Sfas Emes, who is working with the word "today". Every day, Hashem renews creation ("ha'me'chadeish be'chol yom tamid ma'asei be'reishis"), As part of this daily renewal Hashem gives us new bechira chofshis, thus enabling us to start anew. Every single day we have the opportunity to start again with the help of Hashem to get close to him and to Choose bracha.