Sunday, 19 February 2012

Do you know who we are?

by Uri (See all authors)

In this week's Parsha it is written:

To my beautiful most holy warriors:

This is it.
We are nearing the end.
The last stretch.
We have all spent the last bit preparing and purifying ourselves for this moment.
We have been strengthening our connection with our loving Father in Heaven.
The world hangs in balance as we speak, my friends.
The yetzer hara and the satan have been slowly taking hold of much of the world we live in.
They have been poisoning minds and taking down people, left and right.
Hashem has therefore decided that a new group must be formed.
This group is trained by the holiest men and consists of some of the world's holiest and most fiery souls.
This unit I speak of is elite unlike any we have seen in the longest of time.
It's a group fueled and inspired by love and courage.
This unit of the most elite warriors is of course: GYE.

Until now, we have been growing with each other, fighting powerful, relentless and persistent battles. Now that the summer's over, it is time to go out there and fight our King's war.

Some of us will be heading back to the Batei Midrashim, our mini Beis Hamikdash.
And though we might think that our voices will only be heard nearby, there is a microphone by our shtenders. And this microphone plays our sweet music all over Hashem's beautiful world.
The trees in the Amazon forest will dance with love and admiration for Hashem and his warriors.
The birds above the mountains of Switzerland will be doing flips in the air when they hear the sweet sounds of Torah that are shaking and reverberating throughout the world.
And in Eretz Yisrael, the beautiful magic of the country will soar to levels words can't describe.

We are Hashem's most elite unit!!
We are Hashem's pride and joy!!
Our Yeshiva buildings are fortresses of kedusha!!
Our arguments in learning put a smile on our Father's face!!
Our tefillos go straight up to the highest places!!
If only we knew, my friends.
If only we really knew...

For those of us who are finishing vacation and heading back to the business world,

things can be much tougher.
You cannot always be in the fortress.
But Hashem is walking alongside you through your office.
He is sitting next to you on the subway and bus.
He is constantly giving you the warmest of hugs.
He is sending you out for the simplest of reasons: The kedusha and love of G-d you all have attained here is tangible. It is obvious. It is clear. And it is contagious.

Fight His battle!! We have faith in you. And more importantly, so does He.
He would not send you out unless He knew you would succeed.

And the same goes for those heading to university or college.
And for those who teach, and for those who spend the day at home with the kids.

Hashem brought us here. He collected us all, from the four corners of the earth to bring us together to be His special battalion.
And it is that way for a reason.
Our battle is affecting every part of the world!

My dear friends,
Do you know who we are?
Do you know who we are??!!
DO YOU KNOW WHO WE ARE???!!!!!!!!!!!

G - Y - E
And we are ready for action!