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Vacation time

GYE Corp. Wednesday, 25 April 2012

You may find that the Yetzer Hara feels stronger these days than usual. Because it's vacation-time, people are often not learning as much Torah as they usually do.

Hashem says "barasi Yetzer Hara, barasi torah tavlin" - "I created the Yetzer Hara, and I created the Torah as a medicine" ... And the Zohar (Chadash, Ki Setzai) says there is nothing that is "Mekatreg" (prosecutes i.e. defends against) the Yetzer Hara like learning Torah. The Zohar brings the Pasuk "if your enemy is hungry, feed him bread"... "bread" meaning Torah, as it says "Lechu Lachmu Bilachmi" - "Go eat of my bread"...

So dear Yidden, you will notice consistently that the Yetzer Hara gets stronger when we are learning less. Make sure to sink your head into a Blat Gemarah every day, without exception. The Gemarah is "Sechel Hayashar" - "Straight thinking", and when a person works hard on a Blat Gemarah to understand it well and figure it out, asking questions, finding answers, etc... his mind becomes holy and "straight" thinking. Immoral lusts, on the other hand, come from crooked thinking. The Yetzer Hara can't find his way into a "straight thinking" Yiddishe Kup.

Also reading the Holy Zohar for a few minutes each day, even without understanding it, is a big Segulah to chasing away the Yetzer Hara.

Tip: The Holy Sefer "Chok Liyisrael" provides a daily dose of Tanach, Mishna, Gemara and Zohar. The perfect combination to keep the "Menuval" away!

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