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Two types of "fascinations"

GYE Corp. Tuesday, 08 May 2012

There are two types of "fascinations" that we human beings are capable of experiencing.

Type 1) Allowing ones self to indulge in the fascination of human beauty and form. This means following the natural instincts and wiring of the brain to become enthralled by the lust in human flesh. This type of fascination is fed and intensified through pornography, lusting in the street, reading today's magazines and watching x-rated movies and TV shows.

Type 2) To be spellbound by the beauty in nature, fascinated by the splendor and wisdom in G-d's handiwork,amazed at - and thankful for - one's own body, captivated by the magnificence and spirituality in our holy Torah and the depth of wisdom therein, awestruck by G-d's greatness and enthralled by the blessings that we experience everyday of family, health, sustenance and good fortune.

Know though, my dear friends, that these two types of "fascinations" cannot co-exist. The human mind is only capable of maintaining one of these two types. The second type of fascination is obviously far more spiritual, enjoyable and fulfilling, but it is also much more "subtle" and cannot be experienced by a mind that is under the influence (like an alcoholic) of the fascinations of type 1.

So make your choice today.

Choose LIFE.